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Meet Jamie Von Stratton, a multifaceted artist known for her work as a designer, performer, innovator, and delightful nerd. While "Von Stratton" may sound like a stage name, it's actually a nod to her mother's admiration for fashion icon Diane Von Fürstenberg - her middle name is Von.

Jamie's passion for fashion, vintage construction, and thrift store finds led her to launch her own label in 2003. Starting with just two shops in Seattle, she transformed thrifted pieces and crafted one-of-a-kind designs. Her creativity expanded when she discovered burlesque, which opened the door to creating costumes. Over 15 years later, her love of the stage, fashion, and vintage continues to inspire her seasonal collections.

In her spare time, Jamie volunteers as a board member and builder with Magic Wheelchair, an organization that provides costumes for kids with mobility disabilities. Additionally, she founded Seattle Mermaids in 2016, an inclusive community group.


Celebrating 20 Years of Burlesque



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