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J. Von Stratton is Jamie Von Stratton. A designer, a performer, an innovator, a delightful nerd.

Is Von Stratton her real last name?  Kind of. Von is her middle name. Given to her by her mother to honor the most fabulous Diane Von Fürstenberg.


Her creative nature, love of fashion, thrift store finds, and vintage construction led to to start her own label in 2003. She started with two shops in Seattle, where she remade pieces she found in thrifts stores, or whipped up one of a kind creations. When she discovered burlesque, this broadened her creative circle, and she began fashioning costumes. It's now been over 15 years and her love of all things stage, fashion, and vintage has allowed her to pour these inspirations into quaint seasonal collections.

Jamie volunteers her spare time as a board member and builder with Magic Wheelchair. She also founded the inclusive community group Seattle Mermaids in 2016.

Whimsical fashion in a novel illistration.


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